Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is nothing more than the way of acting that the company adopts to direct its activity in a sustainable and ethical way, in other words, the moral and ethical obligation of companies with relationships with their workers, the environment, the competences, the economy and other areas that a company can supply. Therefore, CSR is a commitment assumed voluntarily by a company, regarding certain rules that go beyond its legal obligations.

At Pobill Ecològics we like to define ourselves as a family business that works 100% from the heart and has organic products such as extra virgin olive oil, citrus fruits, almonds or carobs.

We have points of sale for our products throughout the Spanish geography and part of Europe. We want to leave a more sustainable environmental footprint and a more balanced social footprint.


Regarding the environmental footprint, our products come 100% from organic farming and, in addition, we have eliminated plastic from our containers, using 100% recyclable aluminium and glass containers. In this way we reduce the environmental impact leaving a cleaner planet for the future. Under the zero waste philosophy, we also have two horses that feed on the herbs that come out on our land and, in this way; the soil is well mowed, reducing the environmental impact.

Regarding the social sphere, and with a firm voluntary commitment to society, each year we donate the surplus oil to Caritas. We are also working with the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation in Barcelona and with the Benicarló Alzheimer’s Association. The objective of these collaborations is to be able to help in some way all those families who find themselves in a difficult situation living with these patients and, therefore, with their illnesses.

On the other hand, Pobill Ecològics collaborates by sponsoring different cultural and sporting activities in the region, such as the “Julián Borràs” cycling trophy in Cálig.