Lo Vinyet

  • Local product.
  • Organically grown.
  • Natural production.
  • No added sulphates.

750 cc

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Adolfo Duch Arín is an entrepreneur based in Sant Jordi and a “Benihort” partner, who works to recover the vineyards, the stories and the century-old flavours that existed in the Baix Maestrat wine-growing past. We will talk about his wine “Lo Vinyet”, the result of his love for the earth. It is an intense, natural and local semi-aging wine that can be bought in the “Benihort” supermarket celery too.

Adolfo is a specialist in Vegetable Canning, and has developed his professional career linked to citriculture. In fact, he has been working as a technician in Benihort’s citrus area for more than 20 years. The vineyards are the connection between his past and his future, because when he was only 9 years old, his father explained him all the secrets about taking care of the vineyard.

Duch tells us that wine was produced in his family until the 1960s, and that it was a way to increase the family economy. His father had some taverns in Vinaros as clients. What was a work when he was a child, has become a hobby that remembers him all his childhood memories. He tells us that his father, who passed away three years ago, “was even more excited about this project than me. He always wanted to visit the vineyards and the wine celery, and there was where we tasted our wines for the first time”. “El Celler dels Duch” is located where his family used to have their old celery, and you can find it in “Sant Josep” street in Sant Jordi.

Although he started working on the “Vino Carlón” project 10 years ago, he decided he wanted to work on his way some years later. In 2019, he managed to produce and sell his “Lo Vinyet” wine for the first time, and he is already working on the next grape harvest. Its bottles contain a natural elaboration broth, produced by biological cultivation, without added sulphites and any type of additive. “This wine has been produced with all the knowledge that has been in my family for generations. We take special care of the vineyard, the harvest and the cellar, the fermentation temperature control, and do what has to be done in its specific time”, says Duch.

His goal is to make an exclusively biodynamic crop, or what’s the same, “to enhance nature and its fertility with completely pure means”. It is an organic agriculture method, based on Rudolf Steiner’s theories, who takes into account the astronomic influences to carry out agricultural work. “My father used to tell me that racking and pruning must be carried out in certain lunar phases”.

Lo Vinyet

This name is totally related with Sant Jordi’s winery past. Grapes have always been grown in Sant Jordi. In fact, Sant Jordi was one of the areas where Carlón wine was produced in XVIII and XIX centuries. Duch specifies that “there are some old houses, like “Cal Racó”, where ancient cellar vestiges can be found”.

Adolfo has his vineyard in the “Vinyet” area. He tells that “its name comes from “viña” (vineyard), because there were located the vineyards centuries ago. They were located there because it’s the area with the most suitable soil”.

As Duch says, this land type is perfect for the vineyard. “We talk about a deep soil, poor in fertility, but ideal for vines’ root system.” And precisely, this is what gives the main characteristic to our wine, which is a very good acidity that disguises the alcohol sensation.

Each grape variety requires specific conditions, and the choice of plant material is another aspect that must be taken into account when starting cultivate vineyard. The varieties he chose are Garnacha, Syrah and Cariñena or Samsó, whose result is “a clean, bright semi-aging, cherry colour with lilac tones. On the palate it is very sweet, with a pleasant sensation of ripe plums, and a present acidity that makes the wine very fresh and evokes repeating”, just like oenologist Rafael Brodalás, who advises this project, describes. In short, a natural wine, with structure, which can be purchased at Benihort’s supermarket, and is perfect for pairing with hearty stew dishes, and grilled meat and vegetables.

But Adolfo Duch is still looking for the perfect wine: a balance between structure, aroma and acidity, elaborated in an artisanal way that respects the environment.

Remember this name: Lo Vinyet, homemade wine made in “Baix Maestrat”.