EVOO Farga Can

Farga monovarietal EVOO (100% FARGA)


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Origin and distribution

It has his origin in the north of Castelló. Its cultivation extends throughout almost the entire province, especially in Baix Maestrat and the south of Tarragona.



Vigorous, huge, and with open poise. They are very long-lived, and centenarian and ancient specimens can be found. Mid-size elliptical leaf.


Medium (2,4 grs.), black, with elongated and convex shape, and rounded appendix. It has circular section. Its bone is long and smooth, with pointed appendix with peduncle. Its base is pointed too.


Farga monovarietal EVOO (100% FARGA).

Cold extraction process.

It comes from farms of the Pobill Ecològics farm (LOMA, COVA CAMP, BASSETES…).

It is an oil that is characterized by its power in the mouth, its balance and its richness, with fresh notes.

Acidity: 1,6+A14:F30.

Peroxides index: 7,0 – meq 02/Kg – K270: 0,19


Medium-high fruity profile, preferably green, but also with hints of ripeness. Its spicy touch stands out in the mouth, a bitter taste is also noticeable, and it has a soft but perceptible sweetness. The set is balanced and with a soft astringency. Secondary vegetable smells, with a predominance of grass and artichoke, but also nuts and almonds. The result is very balanced.


Exceptional pairing with sour fruit.


White fish and seafood.

Steamed and raw vegetables.

Chocolate and red meat.