EVOO Coupage Can

Multivarietal EVOO (40% FARGA + 60% MORRUT).


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Origin and distribution

There are about 7000 hectares in Castelló (Baix Maestrat) and in the south of Catalunya. It may have its origin in Regués (Tarragona).



It has a clear crown, open poise and medium strength. Its inflorescences are long and with abundant flowers. Its leaf is narrow, elliptical, with hyponastic curvature and medium width.


Oval shaped fruits, asymmetrical and medium weight. The maximum transversal diameter is centred, and it has a peduncle, a round appendage, and a truncated base. Its lenticels are small and abundant. Its endocarp is heavy, elliptical, symmetrical, and its maximum transversal diameter is directed towards the appendix. Its base is pointed, and its appendix is rounded with a peduncle. The surface is smooth and with a medium number of grooves.


Multivarietal EVOO (40% FARGA + 60% MORRUT).

Cold extraction process.

It comes from farms of the Pobill Ecològic farm (FREGINAL, POCANET, ILLA…).

Late ripening and good yield.

Acidity: 0,24

Peroxide index: 8,6 mq o2/kg k270:0,1


Green fruity with medium-high intensity. Balanced bitterness and spiciness, light astringency. Almond flavour. Rich in secondary smells such as artichoke, tomato and almond.


  • Vegetables.
  • Salads.
  • White meat.