EVOO caviar with ham

Ham-scented extra virgin olive oil pearls

50 gr

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It is an oil drop captured within a jelly membrane. This jelly is made from alginate, a gelling agent of vegetable origin. It is extracted from common red algae and is brought in contact with water and calcium chloride.

Ham-scented extra virgin olive oil pearls.
Spheres of approximately 4-5 millimetres in diameter, with liquid olive oil inside that explode in your mouth when you bite them.

Yellow in colour with a characteristic ham fragrance.
The perfect ingredient that gives some extra flavour to your dishes. Take your dishes to the next level with this ingredient born in the kitchens of the best chefs.

It can be used in any dish in which we would use olive oil as a dressing or decoration. It pairs perfectly with soups, salads, fish, seafood, meat and desserts.


  • With fried, poached, soft boiled eggs.
  • With fried, grilled, or any type of potatoes.
  • With gazpacho and salmorejo.
  • Tomato salads and cheese.


Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat sources, lights and strong odours.

Keep the pearls covered by its own oil.

Once it is open, keep it refrigerated avoiding freezing (+2ºC – +26ºC) and consume it in a month.


It may contain sesame and dried fruit traces.