Arbequina PREMIUM early harvest EVOO (Glass)

Premium early harvest EVOO monovarietal arbequina (100% arbequina)

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Origin and distribution

This variety comes from Palestine, and was introduced in Spain by the Duke of Medinacelli, baron of Arbeca, where the Duke used to live. For this reason, this variety has taken its name. Although it is cultivated around the world, the “arbequina” is very widespread in Catalunya and Aragó.



  • Strength: low.
  • Poise: semi-straight.
  • Crown density: compact.
  • Entry into production: early.
  • Productive potential: regular and high.
  • Fructification: clusters.
  • Maturation: median.


Size (g) 1,72 ± 0,18
Pulp ratio 4,31 ± 0,59
Oil content (% smt) 21,9 ± 1,0


Premium early harvest EVOO monovarietal arbequina (100% arbequina)

Cold extraction process.

It comes from farms of the Pobill Ecològics farm (POUBONET and BOVALAR).

Acidity: 0,27


Medium green-type fruity profile with ripe hints. On the palate the sweet stands out, with medium-low spicy, and lighter astringency. Its smell is reminiscent of grass and tomato, with a lighter strawberry smell. It also has hints of nuts.


  • Salads and fruit salads.
  • Steamed, grilled and marinated fish and seafood.
  • Sauces, mayonnaise, aioli and vinaigrettes.
  • Undercooked meat.
  • Steamed rice.
  • All types of sweet food.
  • Ham sandwiches.
  • Smoked salmon and cheese.
  • Desserts.