Organic agriculture

What is organic agriculture?

The “Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunidad Valenciana” (CAECV), says that organic agriculture “is a production system whose goal is getting high quality food, without residues, and with a minimal human impact on the environment”.

We consider organic agriculture a passion, the only way we have to give back everything the nature gives to us.

Respect the Earth means respecting ourselves.


Organic agriculture uses natural resources on their ideal way, contributes on keeping biodiversity, and puts faith on sustainable local development. That means using the environment without breaking its biological cycle, extract everything the Earth is able to give us without damage it using polluting substances.

Organic agriculture

Who regulates organic agriculture

The CAECV (Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunidad Valenciana) is the supervisory authority in charge of certifying the organic agro-food products of plant and animal origin. The CAECV authority code is ES-ECO-020-CV.

Each autonomous community has its own organization. CAECV has the responsibility on Comunidad Valenciana.