David Taus, architect of this project, was born in Cálig, although he currently resides with his family in Traiguera. Now, we will tell you his story so that you know how the Pobill Ecològics project was created from scratch.

After studying Bussines Administration and Management, David started working in the real estate world and left his life in Càlig in the early 2000s. After some years, the work ended due to the economic crisis of 2008. And at that moment, he thought that the time to reinvent him had come.

He had lived a short time in the city, but it had been enough to miss where he came from: the scent of wet earth after the rain, the sound of the bells which every hour reminds you that time passes placidly, the pink tone of the almond blossoms that stains the olive groves when February arrives, people greeting you happy to see you, the sound of childhood friends laughing around a table. In short, he realizes that his life has a meaning at the Maestrat, the land of his ancestors, where he sees a future full of opportunities and experiences to share.


For this reason, he bets on making his own way near the place where the roots lie, with a job that he has known since he was a child, but that, for a long time, he didn’t appreciate as it deserved. It is time to show the world all the virtues of Traiguera and Càlig. He cannot pack the flavour and all the nuances of a ripe fruit eaten at the right time. He cannot preserve the joy of the little ones surrounded by their elders when the first cherries are harvested. He isn’t able to preserve the fresh air that he feels being under a carob tree at midday on summer. He can’t explain the welcome that the stone walls give him whit the first ray of light when he prepares to get ready for work. And neither can he transmit all the knowledge that he has been acquiring generation after generation, because he isn’t even aware that he has it.

The only way to share the enjoyment that comes from getting up every morning in the town is to produce the best oil and the best citrus fruits, merging the entire list of sensations mentioned above with the most innovative cultivation trends.


In 2015, he founded “Pobill Ecològics, CB”, a company that brings together all the agricultural plots from conventional agriculture and that serve us to sell our products.

“El pobill” is David’s paternal family byname. The first “pubill” was his great grandfather, because he married a “pubilla” (an only daughter). We want to pay homage to our ancestors with the name “Pobill”, as well as to their lands and the knowledge they have given us. “Ecològics” is related to the type of agriculture for which we want to bet, the only one capable of giving back to the earth everything it has given us.

Pobill Ecològics’ agro ecology defends sustainable and environmentally friendly production. It wants to dignify the producers and the products, endowing the territory with greater reliability, and its value is food sovereignty.


The oil is given away, what is charged is each bottle’s history, culture and the effort it contains.

Pobill Ecològics’ agriculture began as a hobby and, little by little, it has become a deeply rooted way of life and a project with a soul which we want to grow.

This project wants to dignify his agriculture, make it sustainable, and export this culture around the world. We also want to boost local economy, defend our territory, and promote the recovery of the landscape to give it more life than ever.