So that you can get to know us, what we do, our roots, and the land that we work every day and that has seen us grow, we have organized these unique experiences where you can see our crops, and feel the magic of our products. Do you want to know more?

Professional tasting among our olive trees.

We will do a tasting with an expert taster. This consists of serving three tablespoons of oil in a blue glass and covering it with a glass sheet. After that, we will place the glass between our hands for 30 seconds to heat the oil by making small rotary turns. Next, the olfactory and gustatory phases begin: we will look for the sweet and salty, bitter and spicy nuances, the different smells and flavours of tomato, banana, and herbs…It will be an incredible experience!

Literary route followed by a tasting of Pobill Ecològics oils and products.

Based on the book “La Vall del Miracle”, written by Armando Vericat, we will make a trip from Traiguera to “Ermita de la Font de la Salut”, where we will read some excerpts from the book describing different landscapes that we will compare with the reality. During this visit, there will be some of our products. A trip full of emotions, words and flavours.

Visit to the ancient olive trees, oil tasting and visit to Almazara Cervol.

We will visit our millenary olive trees and will taste some of our oils. Next, we will go to Almazara Cervol. It will be a magical journey through the roots of our fields.

Visit the first day of mandarin harvest.

We will visit our ecological citrus fields, followed by a mandarins and oranges tasting. We will also talk about the ecological citrus harvesting, and how we work it in Pobill Ecològics. Do not miss it!

Tour through the wine cellar “El Vinyet”, Sant Jordi

The director of the winery, Adolfo Duch, will show us his vineyard. After that, we will do a wine tasting.